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As specialists in telecommunications cost control, Telegard has helped save clients from 15% to over 40% on their annual telecommunications expenditures; These realized savings have allowed our clients to reduce their annual telecom spend by as much as $2,500,000.

For each client we will build a customized database identifying all circuits, lines, trunks, providers of services and associated costs. If you have an existing database, we will insure the accuracy of it's contents and work with you to insure all relevant data, accounts, services, equipment and costs are identified. Telegard's consultants then perform an extensive audit and analysis of current services, service levels and providers. We then present findings with specific recommendations, if necessary, for changes to service levels, providers or facilities.

We then meet with the client to review our findings. In this meeting we provide the following:

  • A complete database identifying all services, vendors and related expenses
  • Identification of each line, circuit and trunk, its use, services attached and related costs
  • Identification of unnecessary services and suggested terminations, or consolidations, resulting in savings starting with your next bill
  • Suggestions for refunds due to erroneous billing, such as cancelled services never removed from bills, or double billing by vendors (calls charged on both local service company bills and long distance provider bills).

Telegard can also manage your on-going telecommunications administrative functions, allowing you to focus on your core business. By managing everything from invoices and contract compliance to billing inventory and monthly reporting, we drive success for IT teams struggling with ever-rising expenses and poor visibility.