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Mobility plans are constantly changing, sometimes on a daily basis, causing confusion and frustration to those charged with controlling services and costs.

We keep up with ever-changing carrier rate plans to understand the industry's best-in-class offerings, ensuring that you select the best and most cost effective plans for your business. Once your plans are selected, Telegard will constantly review those plans to insure competitive mobility costs and contract compliance.

In addition to staying up-to-date on the latest mobility rate plans and offerings, our mobility experts make it a priority to get to know your mobile environment. Once familiar with your environment, it becomes easy for us to assess and ensure that you choose the best plans for your business.

If your company has international operations or employees who travel internationally, Telegard will analyze international roaming usage & charges and offer plan changes or feature additions such as international roaming alerts and resolution.

We can also provide a one-time comprehensive cost optimization study. Telegard’s experts will take a close look at your mobile operations and conduct a series of cost reviews. After analyzing the data, we will present you with our final report.  This report will identify the areas we have targeted for maximizing cost savings and the optimization of services and providers.