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Managing a functional mobility environment for your enterprise is tough work, with a lot of day-to-day maintenance and support. From moving, adding, changing or deleting lines to handling wireless connectivity issues and device malfunctions (break / fix), your staff is probably over-worked in trying to keep up with fulfilling end-user needs.

Telegard will help you manage your wireless lifecycle from start to finish, providing you with a Mobility Support Center to fulfill end-user needs and monthly cost oversight. We provide fulfillment of all Tier 1 Support issues including break / fix, along with MACD requests made through our Mobility Support Center portal. 

Our Support Center portal will be the main mode of communication. In the event that you personally need an issue resolved, you can contact us via phone, portal or email with any issue. Our Support Center staff is available to resolve issues Monday through Friday, from 7am to 7pm EST, with on-call emergency access 24/7/365.

As part of our Mobility Management program, our team directly implements changes with account teams and through carrier portals (with client approval). We Ensure these changes have been accurately implemented by reviewing invoices in the following months.

Our Mobility Management service offers the expertise, tools and resources to offset the time-consuming management of all mobile devices, while driving value and savings for your company.