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As your Mobility Department takes on additional responsibilities and the workload continues to increase, Telegard can offer assistance through temporary, permanent or contractor staffing.

Since 1983, we have been fulfilling the staffing needs of our clients in all areas of telecommunications including mobility and traditional telecom. For over 30 years we have continued to build our database of mobility and telecom specialists which now contains over 1,500 qualified individuals.

We conduct in-person interviews with all potential candidates before presenting to our clients for temporary, permanent or contractor positions. Due to our years in the business and our extensive screening process, we save clients weeks, and sometimes months, in locating the most qualified candidates.

Telegard provides temporary, contractor or permanent staffing including analysts, billing experts, managers or directors for short or long-term assignments including:

  • Additional experience or personnel for an upcoming mobility project
  • Supplemental help during a hiring freeze
  • Coverage of an employee on medical, maternity or extended leave
  • Supplemental personnel to help an over-worked staff with mobility projects
  • Temporary management of your mobility area